Obama's plan to hit ISIL welcomed in Iraq

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Obama's plan to hit ISIL welcomed in Iraq

Obama's plan to hit ISIL welcomed in Iraq
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Barack Obama’s announcement that the US would carry out airstrikes in Syria against ISIL militants has been welcomed by people in Iraq.

The Sunni extremists have seized roughly a third of both countries, imposing a degree of barbarity and violence beyond even that of al- Qaeda.

“We fully back up the statements made by US President Barack Obama to intensify painful airstrikes against terrorists who threaten the security of the whole world and not only Iraq. Such statements help Iraq overcome its crises and get rid of the infidels who destroyed Iraq’s security and economy,” said Bassim Ali, a local resident in Baghdad.

“The US president’s promise to intensify airstrikes against Islamic militants in Iraq is a good step forward. We support such measures as ISIL is a terrorist organisation and the whole world fears it. We will fight terrorists and expel them from Iraq. ISIL constitutes a serious danger not only against Iraq but the whole world,” said another man in the Iraqi capital, Fawzi Karim, who took a similar view.

Leaders of the northern Iraqi Kurdish region have been lobbying in several countries for support in fighting the extremists.

The Kurdish Regional Government has also welcomed Obama’s speech.

“It was important for the international community and major powers to respond to the cause of the people of Kurdistan and the leadership in order to support Kurdistan militarily and from a humanitarian aspect,” said KRG spokesman Safin Dizayi.

Iran has not been invited to join the international coalition against ISIL.

President Rohani said on Thursday that regional and international cooperation would be vital.

One political analyst says Iran and the US share similar views of the extremists – but the cooperation stops there.

“When it comes to fighting Takfiri, (a term used to describe a variety of Sunni fundamentalist groups attacking Shiites who they regard as infidels), groups like the Islamic State and other groups that massacre civilians, at this time, Iran and America share the same opinion. But Iran will never be part of an American camp or army, because Iranians believe that Americans are not serious enough,” said Mosayyeb Naimi, political analyst and director at the Arabic-language Al Vefagh newspaper in Tehran.