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Israeli 'cult' leader faces prison for sexual offences

Israeli 'cult' leader faces prison for sexual offences
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An Israeli self-styled cult leader who is believed to have had up to 32 wives and 49 children has been convicted of a number of sexual offences by a court in Tel Aviv.

64 year-old Goel Ratzon, the leader of a polygamous religious cult, was arrested in 2010.

Ratzon, is alleged to have presided over what police described as a harem of 21 wives in Tel Aviv but is believed he had up to 32.

He presented himself as a spiritual guru, but the court accused him of multiple sexual offences including rape, sodomy, sex with a minor, as well as assault and fraud.

He was acquitted of holding one of his victims in sexual slavery against her will.

Ratzon has yet to be sentenced but it is expected he will receive a lengthy prison term.