Five NATO members to supply Ukraine with arms

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Five NATO members to supply Ukraine with arms

Five NATO members to supply Ukraine with arms
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Ukraine will receive military weapons from five NATO members, president Petro Poroshenko has revealed.

The US, France, Italy, Poland and Norway will supply the arms, he added.

Ukraine is not a NATO member so it cannot receive arms from the alliance. But individual allies can choose to do so.

The news comes as explosions in eastern Ukraine put a ceasefire between Kyiv and pro-Russian separatists in doubt.

Explosions were heard on Sunday (September 7) morning near Maripol and Donetsk.

At least two houses blazed in Spartak near Donetsk after being hit, apparently by government troops.

“I don’t know, I don’t know why this is happening, but there is no ceasefire, and probably never will be,” said Spartak resident Larisa.

“It has to be, but are they keeping this truce? They’ll never give it to us. I don’t know, I have no words to say about this government. I don’t know what to call them,” said Anastasia Ivanusenko.

She suggested, “barbarians,” before an explosion could be heard in the distance.

Meanwhile, a 33-year-old woman died and at least four people were wounded when overnight fighting flared around Mariupol, a strategic port city.

Analysts say if Mariupol is seized by the rebels, it could serve as a base to build a land bridge between Russia and Russian-annexed Crimea.

Donetsk and Mariupol turned quiet again on Sunday afternoon.

Both sides insisted they were strictly observing the ceasefire and blamed their opponents for any violations.