Ukraine ceasefire appears to be holding

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Ukraine ceasefire appears to be holding

Ukraine ceasefire appears to be holding
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A ceasefire between Ukraine and pro-Russian rebels in two eastern regions of the country appeared to be holding on Saturday morning.

The day before, a deal was reached between Kviv officials and Moscow-backed separatists that will hopefully bring an end to five months of fighting.

The pro-Russian rebellion in mostly Russian speaking areas of Ukraine followed the toppling of President Viktor Yanukovich earlier this year.

Around 2,600 people have been killed and half a million have been forced to leave their homes.

Donetsk, the scene of heavy shelling in recent weeks, saw a few explosions sound immediately after Friday’s peace deal was announced…and then silence.

In Mariupol, which reports say was close to being taken by rebels, many people are sceptical that the latest truce will hold.

Olga, a resident of the city said: “We think it is unlikely. It is hard to believe in it. They’ve already tried to stop fighting but the situation in the country now is not stable, same as it was before.”

Another resident, Svetlana said: “We’ve already had truces but they didn’t hold unfortunately.”

Friday’s deal means the withdrawal of all heavy weaponry, the exchange of prisoners of war and makes provision for international monitors from the OSCE to oversee the ceasefire.

A humanitarian corridor will also help the flow of aid to
cities devastated by the violence.