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Wales welcomes NATO with high security

Wales welcomes NATO with high security
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The Welsh cities of Newport and Cardiff have been invaded by 10,000 police in special blue-berets as the NATO summit takes over.

Starting on Thursday a veritable terrorist’s shopping list of targets arrives in Wales with NATO leaders and some 60 leaders of partner nations and other states.

Security is ultra-tight, especially as protests are expected.

“They anticipate a lot of nihilists and anarchists coming, trying to destroy the place, breaking windows like in Chicago two years ago. And I don’t want that to happen to my city. They just make me furious quite frankly,” said local man 73-year-old Robert Wynn.

All the Welsh charm locals had hoped would win the tourists over at this event may end up being buried by the police presence, and businesses may not get the summit bonanza they had hoped for, but with everything NATO has on its plate right now the last thing it needs is very public crowd chaos.