Poland marks 75 years since start of World War II

Poland marks 75 years since start of World War II
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Poles and Germans have marked the 75th anniversary of Adolf Hitler’s invasion of Poland.

The presidents of both nations united in Gdansk, Poland to commemorate the start of World War II in 1939.

“History gives us a lesson and it compels to draw conclusions from painful experiences,” said Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski.

“History tells us that there is still need for courage and determination in defying those who threaten the international order, peace and freedom,” he continued.

German President Joachim Gauk took to the podium and echoed his words.

“History teaches us that territorial concessions often only increase the appetite of the aggressors. But history also teaches that a dynamic can be created through uncontrolled escalation with can no longer be controlled,” said Gauk.

Germany and Poland both lost over six million soldiers and civilians each during the six-year war.

Today, relations between the two nations have never been better. Poland and Germany are now economic partners within the EU and military allies in NATO.