EU ministers meet in Milan amid Ukraine crisis

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EU ministers meet in Milan amid Ukraine crisis

EU ministers meet in Milan amid Ukraine crisis
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EU foreign ministers have met in Milan amid calls to beef up sanctions against Russia over its alleged actions in Ukraine, one day after NATO said Moscow sneaked weapons and soldiers over the border.

Germany’s foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier refered to his Ukrainian counterpart when he said:
“I spoke with Pavlo Klimkin to understand what can be done. The European Union is ready to increase pressure.”

The Dutch minister Frans Timmermans suggested both sides need to talk to each other:

“Sanctions alone are not the solution. We need a diplomatic way out. We need two countries that talk to each other about the future of bilateral relations between their nations.”

While the Polish minister bit back at Russia’s embargo on EU fruit:

“Polish apples. President Putin says they are poisonous but I assure you they are very good … Polish apples, very good,” he jibed.

He earlier tweeted:“If it looks like a war, sounds like a war and kills like a war, it is a war.”

EU leaders will meet at a summit in Brussels on Saturday.