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Turkey: Davutoglu becomes AK Party leader and PM designate

Turkey: Davutoglu becomes AK Party leader and PM designate
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He is Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s right-hand man.

Now Ahmet Davutoglu has been elected leader of Turkey’s ruling AK Party at a huge convention, ahead of his expected appointment as prime minister.

He was the only candidate to replace Erdogan who is due to be inaugurated as Turkey’s first directly-elected president on Thursday.

The post is largely ceremonial but Erdogan has made it clear he intends to stay politically active and wield power. He wants the
constitution changed to establish a presidential system.

Outside the US-style convention in Ankara, supporters spoke to euronews about the changes in the party and country.

One man praised Erdogan’s handover speech and the ex-foreign minister stepping into his shoes.

“Davutoglu said this was a meeting about loyalty for all of us, not farewells,” he said.

“He seemed self-confident and he is – they both are – prepared for their new jobs.”

Davutoglu will now lead the AKP into elections next year.

Our correspondent in Ankara, Bora Bayraktar, said:
AKP delegates hailed their new leader while saying goodbye to Erdogan. Both stressed unity and togetherness in their speeches and signalled that they will work in harmony.”