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The Guvnors fight it out

The Guvnors fight it out
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The Guvnors stars Harley Sylvester from UK hip hop duo “Rizzle Kicks”. He plays a troubled gang leader seeking respect on a London estate.

Director Gabe Turner said that the film was based on real events: “The seed of the story came from the London riots when a bunch of kids were moving towards a certain place and the locals, an ex-hooligan gang, took to the streets and said that the riots wouldn’t be possible in their place and that was the seed of the story. And then we developed it from there.”

The Rizzle Kicks are Harley Sylvester and Jordan Bootsy Stephens, and their debut album “Stereo Typical” sold over 600,000 copies in the seven months after its release.

But Harley Sylvester says he has always wanted to act: “It could have been very easy, very obvious for me to go and do a role where it’s just a caricature of Harley from Rizzle Kicks. It would have been very obvious for that to happen. But then reading this role I thought, ‘I’ve got to read for this because if I can nail this it will be perfect’, because it’s so detached from what I’m actually like in real life. And if I can show this side of me then people will think, okay, I can respect him as an actor in his own right.”

The Guvnors is out now in the UK.