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Israelis and Palestinians respond to news of Gaza ceasefire

Israelis and Palestinians respond to news of Gaza ceasefire
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In Tel Aviv there were mixed reactions to news of the longterm truce in Gaza, announced on Tuesday.

Some responded positively. “I think the ceasefire is very, very good for me, for the people of Israel,” said one local man, “I want to come back to regular life. I don’t want to go to the shelters. I want to start to working again. And this is it. I think it’s very good.”

Others said they were fearful about what lay ahead. “I’m afraid that those terror cells are going to use this time out for getting more weapons and preparing for the next attack, like they did in the last few years,” said another resident.

In Hebron in the occupied West Bank, Palestinians celebrated the truce, many waving Hamas flags in solidarity with Gaza.

One man said they were united in their support for the Palestinian cause. “Our participation is in support of the resistance. We have seen that the majority of Arab leaders have stood against the resistance and against the people of Palestine, we say, even if there is one child or one man left, we will surely support resistance until our very last breath.”

For families on both sides of the conflict, the hope is that this time the ceasefire will hold and that life can slowly return to normal.