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Oppose 'absurd' France austerity, says defiant Montebourg

Oppose 'absurd' France austerity, says defiant Montebourg
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France is in political turmoil after Prime Minister Manuel Valls handed in his government’s resignation to the president.

François Hollande immediately asked him to form a new cabinet.

It is just four months since the last reshuffle – amid woeful local election results for the ruling Socialists.

There is dissent within the government’s own ranks, and open defiance of the government’s economic policies from the economy minister himself.

“The entire world is urging, begging us even to bring to an end these absurd austerity policies which continue to push the eurozone into recession and soon into deflation,” Arnaud Montebourg said on Monday. “It’s therefore necessary to have the intellectual and political courage to say that austerity policies make deficits worse, precisely where they should reduce them.”

The Education Minister Benoît Hamon may also lose his job. He joined Montebourg in saying France should stand up to Germany.

The prime minister said the economy minister had crossed “a yellow line”.

A battle now looms for the heart and soul of the French Socialists’ traditionally red rose.