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Jellyfish fairies

Jellyfish fairies
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A jellyfish sting can be very painful; it can leave a scar and sometimes they can even be fatal. But in the Philippines, at the Ocean Park in Manila, they have a new permanent exhibition of jellyfish, called “Jelly dancing sea fairies”.

Charlie Ylaya, a marine biologist and supervisor at the aquarium, said: “Our visitors are amazed by our different jelly fish aquarium settings, and the unique effects of the LED lights changing colour in time to the music.”

Jellyfish have been around for millions of years, and this exhibition is designed to highlight their beauty, but it is also designed to be educational, said Charlie Ylaya. “This exhibit also aims to educate people about their perception that jellyfish are harmful. They just drift with the current; we want to remove the people’s perception that jelly fish attack people when in reality they don’t.”