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Israel continues to hit Gaza from the air

Israel continues to hit Gaza from the air
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Israel says its warplanes have hit another 20 targets inside Gaza this Saturday as militant’s missiles continue to be fired into Israel from the Palestinian enclave.

Gazan health officials say at least five people were killed in the attacks.

Israel says the strikes were at rocket-firing positions, and it is warning the attacks will intensify, and people living near known ammunition and weapons dumps should leave.

“I was indoors with my wife and children, sitting doing nothing when we heard the explosion. Bricks started falling on top of us and we tried to get out of the house but they fired more drone rockets at us. While we were running out of the house my wife, my brother, me and my father – all of us were injured. The minute we got out another rocket launched by an F-16 hit the house,” said one resident.

Israeli ground forces remain close by in their standby positions. For two weeks they have been kept on a leash after destroying a network of tunnels inside Gaza used for Hamas raids into Israel. Now Israel is calling up 10,000 reservists, an ominous sign the army may soon be on the move again.