Major UN aid airlift to northern Iraq underway

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Major UN aid airlift to northern Iraq underway

Major UN aid airlift to northern Iraq underway
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A major humanitarian aid is underway in northern Iraq. The United Nations refugee agency (UNHCR) said it is getting supplies to more than half a million people displaced by fighting.

The UNHCR and its partners in Iraq have set up four camps in one area of Iraq. More are being planned.

In Badjet-Kandela Camp families share similar tragic stories of long journeys and deep loss.

Many spent days on Sinjar mountain after being forced to flee their homes by militant group Islamic State. They left everything behind.

Living in the camp is the first step in building a new life.

There are daily distributions to make sure everybody gets enough food and water.

The four-day airlift of tents and other goods from Aqaba in Jordan to Erbil, in Iraq’s Kurdish region will be followed by road convoys from Turkey and Jordan and sea shipments from the UAE via Iran over the next ten days.

Families living in make shift shelters in places nearby will soon be able to have a more secure and comfortable shelter.

A small step to alleviating the pain and suffering they have endured in past days.