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Iranian minister sacked over leniency towards 2009 unrest

Iranian minister sacked over leniency towards 2009 unrest
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The Iranian parliament has sacked the country’s science minister Reza Faraji Dana because of his stance during the 2009 anti-government protests.

The reformist, whose responsibilities included Iran’s universities, is being punished for allowing expelled students to return to campus following the unrest.

The conservative-dominated parliament managed to oust him despite support from the more liberal President Hassan Rouhani.

The movement that challenged the re-election of former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in 2009 was seen by authorities as a “plot”.

Lawmakers say Faraji Dana nominated as senior department officials, people who took part in the unrest.

He was also accused of tolerating student publications that questioned Islamic teachings.

He is the first minister in the current government to be the subject of a censure motion.