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Europe's TVs look at the Yazidi crisis in Kurdistan

Europe's TVs look at the Yazidi crisis in Kurdistan
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Hundreds of thousands of people have been thrown onto Iraq’s roads since Islamic State began its whirlwind campaign in northern, western and eastern Iraq on June 9. Now they are approaching Baghdad, and autonomous Kurdistan. Kurdish military forces are struggling to hold them back. Italy’s Rai1 went to meet the legendary mountain fighters who have taken an unexpected beating.

Aid is being stepped up fast to Kurdistan where tens of thousands of refugees have suddenly arrived after fleeing the advance of Sunni extremists Islamic State. Yet the Kurds may be able to spin chance out of tragedy, and gain wider recognition to become a truly independent nation thanks to the crisis. Switzerland’s SRF reports.

The UN’s High Commissioner for Refugees says several tens of thousands of people have been displaced in Iraq , most belonging to the Yazidi religion, a non-Muslim Kurdish minority. They have been caught in a trap without food or water in the Sinjar mountains. France 2 managed to speak with some who managed to escape.

No community has been spared by the cruelty of the jihadists and IS leaves the population with only one choice; obey and convert, or die. Is Islamic State more dangerous than al-Qaeda? Switzerland’s
RSI asks the question and wonders, has Osama bin Laden’s dream come true?