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Civilians in Gaza and Israel hope for lasting peace

Civilians in Gaza and Israel hope for lasting peace
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The people of Gaza are beginning the clean up following 46 days of conflict with Israel during which 1,990 Palestinians, mostly civilians, were killed.

Those that survived the shellings and ground assault want a durable deal, which will see the blockade of the Gaza strip lifted: “We hope that after five-days there will be a permanent solution in order to end the massacre committed by Israel and its allies.We implore our negotiators to remain in Cairo and not to come back until Palestinian demands are met,” said one Gazan in his early-twenties.

In Ashkelon, Israel, the target of many Hamas salvoes, Israelis want a solution to end the cycle of violence: “I want to believe that this time the ceasefire will end in agreement, hopefully. My husband spent a month in the army, and it was very hard. So I hope they won’t call him up again.”

Sixty-four Israeli soldiers lost their lives in the conflict and three civilians also died.