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Immigration: Europe's darker summer story

Immigration: Europe's darker summer story
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In this three-part special edition of Perspectives we look at Europe’s recurring summer migrant tragedy; the other side of the immigration debate that causes such division in Europe.

Soon the number of migrants Italy has plucked from the cruel seas this year will go past 100,000. The annual trickle has become a flood of boats with Libya descending into chaos. This is where 90 percent of this summer’s north African exodus comes from.

After last October’s Lampedusa tragedy, Rome launched Operation Mare Nostra. Totally Italian-funded, its mission is to help save lives. Italy has to pay for all this alone, as no EU agreement yet covers support for migrants. We have a report from Italy’s Rai 3 television.

Swiss television picks up the migrant trail further north – in Milan.
Most migrants who arrive in Italy make their way to countries further north. It is an expensive journey and there is also the risk of being deported at every frontier crossing. TSR reports on how the city’s train station has become Italy’s Migrant Central.

Further down the line French television reported on the several clashes which produced dozens of injuries in Calais this week. It is the closest French coastal town to Britain and it has become a focus of rising tensions triggered by the influx of east African migrants from Italy, who play a daily game of cat-and-mouse with the police and lorry drivers. France 2 reported on that.