Fresh fighting resumes between Israel and Gaza militants

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Fresh fighting resumes between Israel and Gaza militants

Fresh fighting resumes between Israel and Gaza militants
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Israel says its restarted bombing “terror” sites in Gaza in response to coming under rocket fire from Palestinian militants.

In a statement, the Israeli Defense Forces described it “unacceptable, intolerable and shortsighted.”

“Hamas’ bad decision to breach the ceasefire will be pursued by the IDF, we will continue to strike Hamas, its infrastructure and its operatives,” said Lieutenant Colonel Peter Lerner.

The resumption of hostilities came just hours after a three-day truce ended on Friday morning.

Nonetheless, talks are continuing in Egypt between Israel and Hamas but are stuck over a deal for another ceasefire.

Israel says it wants the territory to be demilitarised while Hamas says there can be no further agreement until its conditions are met, most notably border blockades lifted and the reopening of the shipping port.

Gaza resident, Husam Farahat, agreed: “We should get out of this situation with dignity. There should be a complete lifting of the siege. We should get the same respect as any other people in the world, because what we are living is not a life.”

According to the United Nations, at least 1,890 mostly Palestinian civilians have been killed during four weeks of fighting.

Israel says 64 soldiers have been killed, along with two Israeli civilians and a Thai national. It also claims that about 900 Palestinian militants have died in the violence.