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Humanitarian window ends as Israel, Hamas trade accusations and fire

Humanitarian window ends as Israel, Hamas trade accusations and fire
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A brief humanitarian window between Israel and Hamas for parts of Gaza has now officially ended, but in truth it appears to have barely begun. Early into the supposed truce both sides accused each other of restarting hostilities. Israeli forces had omitted Rafah from the lull in violence.

Palestinian officials claim a refugee camp was targeted killing an eight year old girl, whilst Tel Aviv says numerous rockets were launched their way.

One local resident in Gaza voiced his anger at the situation, saying:

“Israel doesn’t respect a lull or a ceasefire. It’s the same story of one treacherous event after the other. At 10.10am it had already hit a home. It destroyed an entire area and everything around it. It collapsed on top of the heads of the inhabitants.”

As the death toll grows so too does the anger, at a funeral procession for eight Palestinians, all from one family, the air was rife with outcry and angst. Some in the crowd could be heard shouting ‘Look Obama’.

The number of their compatriots killed is now thought to be some 1,800 people, mostly civilians., whilst 67 Israeli’s have so far died in the conflict.

But Hamas is showing little sign of de-escalating the deadly situation, video released by their military wing appears to show them using a newly acquired sniper rifle to kill numerous Israeli troops.