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Protesters angry about ongoing Gaza violence

Protesters angry about ongoing Gaza violence
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Thousands of people took to the streets of the Jordanian capital Amman on Friday to protest against the ongoing Israeli operation in the Gaza Strip.

The demonstraters called for the Jordanian government to annul the country’s peace treaty with Israel.

“Don’t retreat Hamas, we’re behind you,” said Samia Ali, a protester in Amman.

“Every Arab nation supports you. Don’t be afraid and don’t listen to the Egyptian president or the Arab leaders. You’re strong and you will find a solution to this problem, Hamas. God bless the people of Gaza.”

Meanwhile in Paris, thousands of people held a demonstration in support of Israel outside the country’s embassy. The protest was organised by France’s main Jewish community group.

“Israel has a right to exist,” said demonstrator Esther Azoulay.

“We are a peaceful people and we don’t want war. We want peace, let us have peace. We don’t want to kill people. We’re very sad to see those poor Palestinians die. It’s unnecessary. We want peace and to tell Hamas to stop.”

Earlier this week, Bolivian President Evo Morales announced that the visa exemption for Israeli citizens would be revoked following the recent military attacks in Gaza.