Clashes erupt during West Bank Day of Anger

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Clashes erupt during West Bank Day of Anger

Clashes erupt during West Bank Day of Anger
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As the ceasefire crumbled west of Israel in Gaza, clashes erupted east of Israel in the occupied West Bank.

Palestinian protesters clashed with Israel Defence Forces (IDF)troops in Hebron after Friday prayers.

The demonstration came as Israel and Hamas accused each other of breaking the truce less than three hours after it started.

The Palestinians are angry over Israel’s offensive action against their compatriots in Gaza.

IDF troops shot and killed a Palestinian youth during clashes near Ramallah, according to Ma’an news agency reports.

Tamer Faraj Sammur, 22, was said to have been shot in the chest by Israeli soldiers in western Tulkarem.

An Israeli army spokeswoman reportedly said she was looking into the incident.

In Jerusalem riot police fired tear-gas at protesters and detained a number of people.

Hamas had called on Palestinians to join a so-called Day of Anger in cities and villages across the West Bank.

There was a smaller but similar scene in Bethlehem where demonstrators were met by IDF soldiers and military vehicles.