Israel says Hamas 'terror tunnels' remain a major threat

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Israel says Hamas 'terror tunnels' remain a major threat

Israel says Hamas 'terror tunnels' remain a major threat
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After a destructive day of Hamas rocket fire and Israeli shelling, a cease fire in the three-week-old conflict seems as unlikely as ever despite growing international pressure.

Israel is adamant that it needs to seek find and destroy the so-called “ terror tunnels “ which they say Hamas militants are using to infiltrate Israel.

The army claims to have identified 32 dug under the Gaza-Israel border.

Israeli Defence Force (IDF) footage has been published purporting to show the destruction of one of them.

Later the film shows the entrance to another concealed in a corrugated tin shack.

The army says it needs about another week to complete its main mission of destroying the cross border tunnels. It is an aim which has strong public support especially from Israelis living near Gaza who fear for their safety

It is strong support despite suffering increasing losses.

Two more Israeli soldiers were buried on Tuesday in Jerusalem.

So far Israel has lost 53 along with three civilians who were killed as a result of Palestinian rocket fire.