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Russian border fence divides Georgia and South Ossetia

Russian border fence divides Georgia and South Ossetia
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People living along the disputed border between Georgia and South Ossetia say a Russian constructed fence is dividing communities and separating people from their families and property.

In 2008, Russia and Georgia fought a five day war over the region after Georgia launched an offensive against rebel fighters and Russia intervened on behalf of its Ossetian allies.

Russia now recognises South Ossetia as an independent state while Georgia still views it as part of its territory.

It is along this contested border that Moscow is building a fence.

As part of the ceasefire agreement an EU team monitor the area, but they are unarmed and have no power to intervene.

Both the US and Nato have condemned the construction.

People on both sides of the border have lost land and are forbidden to cross over by Russian border guards.