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Spread of Ebola virus sees parts of West Africa placed under quarantine

Spread of Ebola virus sees parts of West Africa placed under quarantine
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As the Ebola virus spreads, a hospital in the Nigerian city of Lagos has been shut down and quarantined.

Patrick Sawyer, a consultant for the Liberian finance ministry, died in the hospital on July 25, in the country’s first recorded case of the highly-infectious disease.

Lagos, the biggest city in Nigeria, has some 20 million inhabitants but is limited to an extremely basic healthcare system.

Medics are lacking the basic resources needed to fight Ebola, according to Chris Lane, a World Health Organisation (WHO) epidemiologist.

The virus began in Guinea on March 22 2014. It then spread to Sierra Leone and Liberia, where two Americans, one of whom is a doctor, are also infected and a prominent Liberian doctor has died.

Liberia has shut some of its borders in an effort to prevent the spread of the virus, but there are fears it has also reached Nigeria.

White House spokesperson, Jen Psaki, made a statement about the escalating situation.

“On Ebola, we continue to closely monitor the outbreak of the virus. We continue to provide a range of support and assistance to those countries and organizations responding to the outbreak, including through the provision of personal protective equipment and other essential supplies,” she said.

Sierra Leone has become the new epicentre for Ebola. Several nurses have died from the virus, while eight people have been infected, including chief doctor Omar Khan.

Until recently the capital Freetown had been free of the disease. But on July 26 it claimed its first victim; a female patient who died after her family took her forcibly from the hospital to a traditional healer.