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Bonus interview with Sébastien Tellier

Bonus interview with Sébastien Tellier
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Parisian electronic artist Sebastien Tellier has released his new album called “L’Aventura,” the new album of the 39 year old, is all about coming to terms with his past – and for this retrospective work, the bearded bard went to Brazil to get inspired

Sebastien Tellier/Recording artist: “When I went for the first time in Brazil, it was a very special moment because the perfume of Brazil is very intense and the ambience is very warm and everything is like the opposite of serious. Nothing is really working, nothing is… It’s really hard to do anything but so easy to play music, so easy to dance, so easy to have fun, so for me it was kind of perfection like, OK, we came to create something very rich because the Brazilian culture is very rich and the Brazilian music is very rich, very complicated but the result of this math in a way is something very simple.”

“Brazil was the perfect place for my record because I tried to re-write my childhood in a better way because my childhood was really usual, very flat childhood like in a very far suburb of Paris where all the houses are the same and nothing special and so for me it was a problem. This past was a problem. Like why am I like that? Maybe if I want to be unique is because I come from a neighborhood where all the houses are the same and so many questions about the past and so my wish was to write this album and to re-write my childhood like ‘OK, my childhood was just beautiful, it was fantastic, it was paradise’ so now I can forget ‘OK, it’s fake, it’s not the reality but now OK, I can deal with the past and now with this album was the best way to just to forget my past and just to think now about the future.”

“In Brazil people stay kids for life. There is no point like in Europe to be serious. It’s not the, the goal of your life is not to pretend ‘OK, I’m a serious person’ in front of everybody like in Europe. The good way to manage your life in Brazil is ‘OK, I know to dance this step like that so I’m a cool person or I have a beautiful body so I’m a very cool person or when I’m in a party everybody is dancing around me, so cool.’ You know it’s another values to check who you are and so it’s very like, very child values.”

“This album, when you listen to it, it’s very happy, it’s very sweet, very smooth, but deeply it’s very sad, very very sad, album like say goodbye to my childhood and I have to become a real adult in front of real life with a baby and a wedding and so I have to be really serious and so this album just explains that and the intensity of the pain to be a real adult because it’s so easy to be a kid.”