UN security council calls for Gaza truce

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UN security council calls for Gaza truce

UN security council calls for Gaza truce
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The UN security council has called for an ‘immediate and unconditional’ ceasefire in Gaza.

The presidential statement agreed at an emergency session in New York urged Israel and Hamas to accept a humanitarian truce into the Eid period and beyond.

For the Palestinians who were hoping for a formal resolution, the decision doesn’t go far enough.

“The status quo is not sustainable, and to return to the situation before this aggression is not sustainable,” declared Palestinian Ambassador Riyad Mansour, continuing “We need to see fundamental changes of the life of our people in the Gaza Strip. All these elements were not reflected in this statement, and we are disappointed in that sense.”

Disappointment with the UN security council’s decision united the two sides.

“We heard a presidential statement right now from the Security Council which miraculously managed not to mention Hamas or rockets, or Israel’s right to defend its citizens,” said Israeli Ambassador Ron Porsor.

“Not a day goes by when we don’t read about Al-Qaeda, or Isis, or Boko Haram and Hezbollah. Don’t be mislead by Hamas’ propaganda: it is also an extremist, Islamist organisation with a Jihad ideology and a mission to eradicate Israel,” he added.

The US president personally intervened with a telephone call to Israeli prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday pressing him for an immediate truce.

Overnight in Gaza, the fighting appeared to have died down.

The Israeli army confirmed that not a single rocket has been fired from Gaza towards Israel since 11pm local time.

Since the conflict began on July 8, more than 1,000 Palestinians, 43 Israeli soldiers and three Israeli civilians have lost their lives.