Gaza conflict triggers protests in Brussels

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Gaza conflict triggers protests in Brussels

Gaza conflict triggers protests in Brussels
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A weekend of protests over the Gaza conflict continued on Sunday in Brussels where both pro-Israeli and pro-Palestinian supporters held rallies.

As in London and Paris the day before thousands of pro-Palestinians marched through the streets of the Belgian capital calling for the cycle of death and destruction to stop.

The rally drew support from trade unions and a variety of people from all over Belgium.

“I imagine a mother losing her children right in front of her eyes and the world does nothing – I can’t understand it!” said one woman who was herself Palestinian but living in Belgium.

“It is shameful, what is the European Union doing…..It is embarrassing the support and the equal distance they try to maintain between Israel and Palestine. as if they were the same crimes, putting victims and executioner on an equal footing,” said another pro-Palestinian protester.

Elsewhere in the city, pro-Israeli supporters gathered outside the Israeli embassy in a show of solidarity.

Both sides are mourning losses in the conflict but some say the growing death toll among Palestinian civilians is fuelling anti-semitic sentiment.

“You see a lot of demonstrations of anti-Semitism. We hear ‘Death to Jews’ in the street from Antwerp in the south of the country and we cannot accept this,” said an Israel supporter.

Attacks on Synagogues are also said to have risen since the Gaza conflict started.