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Gaza's Shejaia village destroyed by Israeli onslaught

Gaza's Shejaia village destroyed by Israeli onslaught
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When Israel and Hamas agreed a 12-hour humanitarian truce on Saturday, people displaced by the Israeli onslaught returned to Shejaia village.

They looked for what was left of their homes and pulled whatever personal belongings they could find amongst the rubble.

Some cursed the Israeli forces.

The sight was one of devastation and sorrow.

Many people reacted with horror at their loss.

One woman sobbed at her loss and, climbing over rubble, saying: “They destroyed my home, may Allah destroy them!”

Israel Defence Forces (IDF) described the village as a stronghold of Hamas’s armed wing, the Al Qassam Brigade.

It had been under constant fire for six days before the truce.

A few houses remained standing because, according to one of the residents, the IDF used it as a hide-out during their combat operation.

He led the euronews team into a room.

Sitting on the window sill were bags of flour and, scrawled onto the wall, a crude map of the area.

The new view from his window is one of destruction.

Valerie Gauriat, euronews correspondent, reported: “All that remains here is rubble, and the stench of death. The IDF warned the families who live here not to return home during the truce. But given the extensive damage, the displaced people have no homes to return to.”