Gaza conflict spills onto Europe's streets

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Gaza conflict spills onto Europe's streets

Gaza conflict spills onto Europe's streets
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Anger at the Israeli offensive in Gaza was expressed in protests across Europe on Saturday.

At least 10,000 pro-Palestinian demonstrators marched through central London while Frankfurt was one of several German cities in which people poured onto the streets.

Images of civilian suffering in Gaza amid an Israeli military onslaught have stirred strong feelings.

Israel says it is responding to a surge in rocket attacks from Hamas militants but those marching believe that enough is enough.

“We are demonstrating for peace in Gaza,” said one of those taking part in the Frankfurt rally.

“The bombardments are inhumane and have caused a humanitarian catastrophe. We would like to point out that these people are suffering.”

Some in Vienna demonstrated in support of Israel.

Anti-Israeli protesters were also on the streets of the Austrian capital but the day passed peacefully.

The same can’t be said in Paris where thousands defied a ban by French authorities to rally against the Israeli military operation.

After two hours of peaceful protest, a minority of demonstrators clashed with riot police. Dozens of people were arrested.

French authorities refused to allow the rally, fearing violence after marchers clashed with police in and around Paris in recent weeks, with some targeting synagogues and Jewish shops.