Pro-Palestinian protests continue throughout Europe

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Pro-Palestinian protests continue throughout Europe

Pro-Palestinian protests continue throughout Europe
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In Brussels, more than 1,000 demonstraters protested against Israeli attacks on Gaza.

Children chanted, “we are all Palestinians,” as they carried a giant Palestinian flag.

Over 192 of the 895 Palestinian people killed during Israel’s onslaught on Gaza were children.

One protester lead a chant of “Israel is murdering Palestinian children.”

Khatib Mohammed, a Palestinian refugee living in Brussels: explained: “It’s not war between Hamas and Palestinians and Israel. It’s genocide. What’s happening in Gaza is genocide war. They are killing the native people, the civilian people.”

Meanwhile in Berlin, protesters in support of Palestinians in Gaza marched alongside German Jewish people who are against Israel’s policy.

Nearby, a small crowd gathered, voicing support for Israel.

Magnus Roemer, a pro-Israel German student explained:
“What we are defending is the right of the existence of Israel and the problematic situation, that we cannot say it’s the bogeyman, there is not a one side, so to say, responsibility of the Israeli side.”

Police in riot gear prevented a few scuffles and minor tensions escalating.

More demonstrations are expected throughout Europe on Saturday, notably in defiance of a protest ban in Paris, and in London.