Gaza shortages: food, water, electricity.

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Gaza shortages: food, water, electricity.

Gaza shortages: food, water, electricity.
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British charity Oxfam says water and food supplies in the besieged Gaza Strip are dangerously low.

Gaza’s water infrastructure has been damaged by Israeli air strikes, and some local people are displaying symptoms of poisoning after drinking the water.

Meanwhile in the Gaza red zone, close to the Israeli border, a group of men loaded crates of onions to bring them to market.

They work for Gaza’s largest food distribution company and
need to work quickly because they are afraid of shelling from the Israel Defence Forces and rockets from Hamas.

The building they work in has already been hit by air strikes.

There’s no electricity here to power refrigeration, so food rots quickly.

But despite the risks, they say it’s their duty to distribute food to the people.

One of the men explained to euronews: “This is affecting the Israeli trade as much as ours. It affects them because we import these goods from them. If we have no customers, how can we import food from Israeli traders?”

Valérie Gauriat, euronews correspondent in Gaza, reported:

“With little confidence in the outcome of international negotiations, the people of Gaza are preparing for a new phase of the conflict.

“And no one can predict how long the population can bear the shortages which are increasing as strikes intensify,” Gauriat said.