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Al-Quds day sparks huge rallies in support of Palestinians

Al-Quds day sparks huge rallies in support of Palestinians
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Tens of thousands took to the streets of Tehran to show their solidarity with Palestinians.

It was a scene repeated in several other countries for the annual Al-Quds day held on the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan.

In the Iranian capital placards and chants spelled out the demonstrators feelings in a series of rallies. Among them was Hassan Rouhani President of Iran.

“Those who have kept silent in the face of these crimes are and will be ashamed and history will judge them. Innocent people and children are being killed, and they – Western countries – either keep silent or support the criminal,” he told reporters.

In Turkey demonstrators took to the streets. One senior Iranian cleric told worshippers during Friday prayers that people should pressure their governments to cut support for “the Zionist regime”.

Anti-Israel sentiment was at the core of demos in Pakistan while in Europe in Berlin thousands of police were on alert for fear of clashes between the protesters and pro-Israeli groups.

In New Delhi in India protesters gathered to denounce Israel urging Palestinians to keep up their struggle despite the Israeli assault on Gaza with Israeli flags being burned by demonstrators.

Anti-US feelings ran high throughout the day. Israel and Washington have accused Iran of supplying arms to Hamas which the US and the European Union consider a terrorist group.

Tehran says it gives moral, financial and humanitarian support to the group.