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Fish on wheels take their tanks for a spin

Fish on wheels take their tanks for a spin
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The design lab Studio Diip in the Netherlands, has created what they claim is the first self-driving car for fish, dubbing it ‘Fish on Wheels.

A webcam monitors what direction the fish is swimming, and converts this into instructions to steer the car.

It is fun, but it has a serious purpose too. The developers say they are working towards designing intelligent imaging products, and have created the device to demonstrate the future possibilities of computer image recognition.

Studio Diip’s co-founder Thomas de Wolf explained: “It’s also possible to build systems and products that have computer vision and image recognition as a basis for interacting with the device.”

Developers say with advances in computer vision technology potential uses will continue to grow, especially in consumer based products.

De Wolf concluded: “We think that with computer vision you can interact with systems in a very logical way, because that is also how humans interact with each other. We see things, body language is about 90 percent of all language, so if we are able to do that with cameras and systems, I think in the end we can create products that are really more natural to interact with.”

So fun or serious development, the days of playing fetch with your goldfish might be closer than you think!