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'Pageant: the musical' is back!

'Pageant: the musical' is back!
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‘Pageant: the Musical’ is a drag queen show about a beauty contest, in which the audience votes for the winner. So different contestants win every night. It is currently running at the Davenport Theater in New York, having debuted Off-Broadway in 1991.

One of the actors in the show, Nick Cearley, revealed that dressing as a woman made him grateful to be a man: “I have a whole new respect for how women have to get ready for just a normal day. The shaving, the prep time, I guess one thing I like about being a boy is that I really don’t have to go through all of the pain and torture.”

Nick Cearley also has an act with partner Lauren Molina called Skivvies. They perform deliberately provocative musical medleys with their own crazy lyrics.

But he says the pair only started getting attention when they adopted new, scanty, costumes: “As soon as we showed some skin, people started to pay attention and come, and it snowballed from there and other people wanted to play with us. We create things for them now. And that’s a dream situation too. I think the difference between being an actor in ‘Pageant,’ which is a dream, and then creating something that I’m also a part of, like the Skivvies, it’s like I’m living the best of both worlds right now.”

‘Pageant: the Musical’ runs until mid-September.

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