Ukraine to let Netherlands lead MH17 inquiry

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Ukraine to let Netherlands lead MH17 inquiry

Ukraine to let Netherlands lead MH17 inquiry
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Dutch investigators have been shown some of the bodies of victims of last week’s plane disaster, close to the area where the Malaysian airliner is believed to have been shot down over an eastern Ukrainian war zone.

The Dutch team leader said they had been told by pro-Russian separatists that the train containing the remains would leave Torez, but they did not know the destination.

In Kyiv Ukraine’s prime minister said he would let Western allies take over control of the inquiry.

“(The) Ukrainian government is ready to transfer an international investigation to our Dutch friends, (the) Dutch side could lead the process of investigation together with the entire international community,” Arseniy Yatsenyuk told a news conference.

Yatsenyuk added there was no doubt the plane had been
shot down by “professionals”.

The Dutch prime minister has told his country’s parliament that he wants Dutch victims brought home. Nearly 200 of the casualties were from the Netherlands.

Mark Rutte said it remained unclear where the black boxes were and called on Russia to use its influence on the separatists.

If access to the site remained inadequate, he added, then “all political, economic and financial options” were on the table”.

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