Palestinian hospital is overwhelmed by Gaza casualties

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Palestinian hospital is overwhelmed by Gaza casualties

Palestinian hospital is overwhelmed by Gaza casualties
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Gaza’s al Shifa hospital was overwhelmed with the dead and wounded being brought in after Israel’s deadliest assault in nearly two weeks of fighting.

Over-stretched doctors did what they could, some said they had never witnessed such scenes.

Gaza’s Deputy Minister of Health who is also a surgeon, Yousef Abu al Riesh complained about the Israeli tactics:

“They’re not allowing the ambulances, they shot and attacked five ambulances and one of the drivers died. They are not allowing ICRC to cross area and evacuate cases. A lot of cases died while waiting for ambulances. Nobody can go there to help them”.

Scores of children have been injured by the shelling.
Israel accuses Hamas of using its own people as human shields – something the Palestinians have denied.

One wounded ten-year-old boy described what had happened to his family:

“We were sitting at home and our home was hit. My father told us to go out, and when we did, we were hit again. My sister was killed and my brother wounded, so was my grand father.”

The stories told to our reporter all had a similar theme -shattered families. Graphic television pictures showed bloody images of young and old alike caught up in the conflict.

Reporting for euronews Valerie Gauriat said:

“All the people here are in shock. But all tell us that a new ceasefire would solve nothing as they say the blockade that suffocates Gaza still wont be lifted.”

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