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Rapper G-Eazy more than just a name

Rapper G-Eazy more than just a name
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Rapper G-Eazy is in the UK to promote his latest album ‘These Things Happen’.

The collection comes with a reputation: it has already reached the Number One spot on the Billboard Hip Hop chart in America.

A favourite track is ‘I Mean It’.

The artist spoke about the idea behind the video: “I’d just seen ‘Anchorman 2’ and I was looking for a way to contrast the seriousness of the song with something that had a sense of humour to it, you know, something a bit ironic and tongue-in-cheek and it just clicked. I’m going to deliver the news with this stern face saying how I’m going to snatch your girl. We ran with it and brought it to life and everyone was really excited about it.”

Gerald Earl Gillum, a 25-year-old from Oakland, California, has been producing music for a number of years.

G-Eazy is more than just his stage name, he is a clearly defined character: “I’m very much two people. There’s two sides to me. There’s G-Eazy, and he’s the extraordinary, he is the lady killer, the invincible, the slicked back hair. He will snatch your bitch. But then there’s Gerald, and Gerald is ordinary. Gerald is a regular guy, he’s an outsider, he’s very honest, introspective, and it’s important to have those two sides.”