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Gazans use temporary truce to visit banks and markets

Gazans use temporary truce to visit banks and markets
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A temporary ceasefire has brought immediate queues in Gaza as people rushed out to banks and shops.

Streets that had been deserted during more than a week of airstrikes were once again full of people.

As the cease-fire began, the Bank of Palestine opened one of its branches in Gaza City’s Rimal neighbourhood, with hundreds of people lining up to withdraw money.

Local resident Zakariya Abed Alwahed took advantage of the lull to visit the local market.

“For ten days we’ve been prisoners in our own homes because of the airstrikes. Today we have to get out. A lot of people are going to the banks but there isn’t enough money, people haven’t been paid and are under pressure… We hope the coming days will be better and this crisis will be over for good,” he said.

Some stayed home, unsure how safe the streets were.

But many Palestinians, money in their pockets, took the chance to stock up on food and other essential items – and enjoy a few hours free from the fearful sound of Israeli bombs and Hamas rockets.