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The eyes have it in Mike Cahill's tale of science and spirituality 'I Origins'

The eyes have it in Mike Cahill's tale of science and spirituality 'I Origins'
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‘I Origins’ tells the story of Dr. Ian Gray, a molecular biologist, played by Michael Pitt, who studies the evolution of the eye.

Gray’s beliefs are put to the test after he falls for an exotic woman, actress Astrid Berges-Frisbey, who slips away from him.

“He’s researching eyes, that’s his main field. And through his research he’s sort of led on this spiritual quest. And he’s forced to confront how he feels about science versus spirituality, the things that you can explain through data and the things that you can’t,” said Pitt, describing his character.

Actress Brit Marling plays Gray’s lab partner Karen. Together they make a startling scientific discovery that has far reaching implications.

“I think one of the things that makes the story really work is that you’re taking an idea that seems so far-fetched and you ground it in a story but also how you shoot it. You make it feel like it’s of the earth, like it’s mundane, like that you can smell the rubber of the gloves in the lab and it all feels very real,” said Marling.

‘I Origins’ is the second feature by director Mike Cahill after ‘Another Earth’. He admits he is obsessed with science and science fiction and sees scientists as role models.

Cahill hopes the film will get cinema-goers asking questions about science and spirituality.

“If that were possible – to create a sort of connectivity among the audience, that they feel like, ‘Hey you, you – come here. Please, let’s converse’. That’s achieving way more than my wildest dreams for the film,” he said.

‘I Origins’ opened the Karlovy Vary film festival and is now starting on international release.