Life on the Gaza border - an Israeli's view

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Life on the Gaza border - an Israeli's view

Life on the Gaza border - an Israeli's view
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Behind barbed wire lie the empty fields of Nirim Kibbutz in southern Israel.
Gaza is only two kilometres away.

Since the start of the recent conflict 15 militant rockets have fallen here. Of the 350 people who normally live in the Kibbutz around two-thirds have left.

Israel’s Iron Dome defence system doesn’t cover villages close to Gaza.

Adele Raemer is one of the few who have chosen to stay despite the constant fear of rockets.

“This is the hub of the Kibbutz, the centre of the Kibbutz. Behind me is a hole where one of the Qassams (rockets) landed. On a day that four Qassams landed here. Any family that had kids left the Kibbutz; the Kibbutz got a bus and said anybody who wants to go, piled into a bus and went to a Kibbutz in the centre of the country, which have hosted us.”

Adel took our reporter to meet Silvina Olicki who left Argentina to come to Israel 30 years ago.

During her interview the alarm for incoming rockets sounded and they all had to rush to a place of safety – it is normal life for those living a stone’s throw from the Gaza Strip.

Euronews reporter Valérie Gauriat: said:
“In Israeli villages near Gaza, life is attuned to the rhythm of the frequent red alerts. Everyone here realises that without a sustainable agreement, any ceasefire won’t last long.”