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Farnborough Airshow opening bodes well for aviation industry

Farnborough Airshow opening bodes well for aviation industry
By Euronews
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It dominates the ground at the Farnborough Airshow near London.

Airbus makers are hoping the A380 will be ever present in the skies of the future. That decision depends in part on some of the international visitors to the fair, whose buying power is critical to the potential growth of many of the companies present at the event.

On the first day of the show, Airbus announced three deals including a future commitment for 25 A330 Neos – which stands for the new engine option, still in development but which will deliver a 14 percent fuel saving per seat.

“We are trying to see what the travelling public want, what our customers want, to be able to satisfy the travelling public. And the aeroplanes, which you can see behind us, are one illustration or perhaps several illustrations of what we see now,” said Alan Pardoe, Head of Marketing and Communications at Airbus.

The heavy hitters in the industry appear to be flying into the future confidently, which is also good news for hundreds of other companies at Farnborough. While they may not boast three orders in one morning, the deals mean somebody has to make the fuselages for Airbus’ new orders.

“Well of course, as the prime supplier of a complete aeroplane, we have behind us hundreds, if not thousands, if not tens of thousands of suppliers employing many people throughout the industry, so anything we sell, any order which we obtain, is good for the rest of the industry,” says Airbus’ Alan Pardoe.

The first day of business at Farnborough has boosted optimism that this week will outstrip the multi-million euro deals of last year’s event.