Gaza's wounded treated in Egypt as death toll from Israeli air strikes tops 150

Gaza's wounded treated in Egypt as death toll from Israeli air strikes tops 150
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Egypt opened the Rafah border crossing into Gaza on Saturday to allow ambulances carrying four wounded Gazans into Egypt for medical treatment.

Inside Cairo’s Al Helal Hospital, 15 people were given first aid, most of them women, children and the elderly.

Medical officials in Gaza said at least 80 civilians, including 25 children, were among 156 people killed in the aerial bombardments that Israel began on Tuesday.

Among the dead was a man described by Palestinian officials as a doctor and pharmacist.

A 4-year-old boy was killed when a neighbour’s house was targeted by an Israeli raid, a Palestinian hospital official said.

Two other people aged 70 and 80 were killed in a missile strike elsewhere in Gaza, the Palestinian Heath Ministry said.

“My daughter and cousin were with me when the bomb exploded. I wanted to choose between my life and my daughter’s to protect her from death,” Atman Almasri told euronews as he lay wounded in his hospital bed. “The rocket was weird, the stone house collapsed on top of us,” he added.

The grandfather of the child told euronews: “I heard the explosion, I looked around and I found the whole house had become dust, the roof of the house destroyed over my children, my grandchildren and my wife. Everybody was screaming. I came back to look for them, but I couldn’t see anyone because the electricity had been cut.”

An Israeli airstrike killed five youths and wounded 15 people outside a family home in the Jabalya refugee camp in the northern Gaza Strip early on Saturday, witnesses and medical officials told Reuters.

The total number of Palestinians wounded by Israeli air strikes over the last few days is almost 1,000.

Mohammed Shaikhibrahim, euronews correspondent, reported from Cairo:

“Palestinians are appealing to the Egyptian authorities to allow more of injured people to Egyptian hospitals because of the increasing number of wounded in the Gaza Strip and the lack of the medical facilities there.”