Song Storm in Hungary

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Song Storm in Hungary

Song Storm in Hungary
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A song about the 500,000 Hungarians who have emigrated in recent years and has caused controversy at home.

One of the country’s best known TV personalities, Péter Geszti, has adopted Sting`s song, Englishman in New York, inspired, he says, by friends of his going abroad.

That has provoked on online storm, with Geszti accused of making a political point with the song and its accompanying video, which includes dozens of amateur
clips of Hungarians in the new countries.

Gesti says there are lots of reasons why so many Hungarians, around five percent of the whole population, are seeking lives abroad.

The political situation in the country, he says is driving his compatriots abroad: “Politics can give very strange, very wrong answers for social problems. That’s why a lot of people decide to flee from this situation. They choose another, more stable civil democracies, where law, human freedom and welfare are much more stable, much stronger than in Hungary.”

But Geszti also says the song is also an attempt to celebrate Hungarians abroad and that is why he and his band Gringo Sztár wanted to use the often playful amateur footage of their compatriots overseas.

The end product is a lively, exuberant romp through the Sting song, with lots of Hungarian puns and jokes in the altered lyrics.

Geszti himself says the emigration debate has been overly inflamed. He insists that he sees emigration as neither a good nor a bad thing. Those who leave, he says, will one day return; bringing new and exciting bits of other cultures back to their home country.

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