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Ukraine: Slovyansk attempts to return to normal life after months of fighting

Ukraine: Slovyansk attempts to return to normal life after months of fighting
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Residents in the Ukrainian city of Slovyansk were trying to return to normal life on Tuesday after several months of fighting between separatists and government troops.

Rebels retreated from the city on Sunday, heading to nearby Donetsk where they say they are regrouping and plan to fight back.

Kyiv says it now intends to lay siege to Donetsk.

President Poroshenko said: “We plan to force the armed gangs out of Luhansk and Donetsk suburbs in the framework of special operation, but avoid fighting inside those cities.”

Some in Slovyansk hold the Ukrainian army responsible for the destruction in the city, saying they were bombed and shelled over several months. Others blame the separatist rebels.

Locals say they are unsure if the temporary peace will last.

One woman told euronews: “We’ve been sleeping and living in the basement for four nights. We’re still afraid to take away our folding beds, because we’re not sure what may happen next.”

Humanitarian aid is being delivered to the city. Bread, water, vegetables and milk were given out in the local square.

Euronews’ correspondent in Slovyansk, Angelina Kariakina, describes how more and more cars are heading back to Slovyansk now, as locals slowly make their way home. She says that the government has promised to fix electricity and water supplies within days, but it will take longer for the city to feel secure.