Nicole Scherzinger works out for 'Your Love' beach frolic

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Nicole Scherzinger works out for 'Your Love' beach frolic

Nicole Scherzinger works out for 'Your Love' beach frolic
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American singer Nicole Scherzinger, famous in the UK as an X-factor judge, is back with a new single.

‘Your Love’ is an apt title for the 36-year-old who is also known for her relationship with Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton.

“For this video specifically, I wanted to be very strong and fit and in shape. Not only physically but mentally. This is a new chapter for me. I’ve cleared my schedule for the rest of the year to focus only on this music. I’ve got this album that I feel very strong about, this new sound coming out, new single,” she said.

The former member of the US girl group Pussycat Dolls says it has taken till this stage of her career to feel truly confident – and making the video helped.

“I felt like I was an athlete training for the Olympics when I was getting ready for the video. I tried new things that I’d never done before, like cross fit training, soul fit training, which is just a little bit more ‘cardio’, endurance version of cross fit training. I tried all different styles of yoga, sculpting yoga, hot yoga, spinning, hiking. I’ve not always been the best hiker, now I’m a pretty good hiker. And lots of squats with weights. I prepared. I pushed myself.”

Scherzinger describes the song as “fun,” “flirty”, “playful” and “liberating” – and challenges those who doubt that it was hard work.

“I really pushed myself for the video. So people are like ‘Oh you’re rolling around on the beach.’ I’m like ‘Look, I worked very hard for that!’. I was making sure to eat lots of proteins and staying away from the gluten sugars.”

Nicole Scherzinger has had problems with bulimia in the past; her private life has had its ups and downs.

But with a stable relationship and a new worldwide deal with Sony Music she has reason to be optimistic.

An album featuring ‘Your Love’ is due out later this year.

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