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Six arrests over killing of Palestinian teenager

Six arrests over killing of Palestinian teenager
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Teenager Tariq Khdair, his face battered and bruised, has been freed from custody in Jerusalem.

His release came as Israel announced six Jewish suspects have been arrested in the abduction and killing of Mohammed Abud Khdair – the cousin of Tariq.

The 15-year-old American is to be kept under house arrest. Police claimed he was involved in clashes following the funeral of his cousin. His family deny the claims.

“I think it was the police.. I was watching a group of people and they came from the side of me and they grabbed me from the side,” the teen told reporters.

Police were caught on video beating a victim. Tariq’s father claims it was his son. The US State Department has called for an investigation.

Israel has promised there will be no discrimination shown in bringing people to justice and every angle will be investigated with transparency.

“We shall not cover anything. We shall discover all the people that have acted criminally against somebody else. Killed, kidknapped, tortured. And on that we shall not make any compromise,” said Israel President Shimon Peres

Thousands attended the funeral of Mohammad Khdair on Friday which sparked clashes with police. Details of the six arrested in connection with his death are scant with one source saying police saw ‘nationalist motives’ in the case.