Murdered palestinian teen was 'burned alive'

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Murdered palestinian teen was 'burned alive'

Murdered palestinian teen was 'burned alive'
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An autopsy has revealed that a murdered Palestinian teenager was burned alive.

16 year old Mohammed Abu Khudair was kidnapped from outside his father’s shop in Shuafat in East Jerusalem on Wednesday. His charred body was found in a forest a few hours later.

Residents in Shuafat believe the killing was carried out by Israeli settlers, angry at the murder of three Israeli teens in the West Bank, and say they fear there could be more attacks.

Fatima Abu Khadair, a relative of the murdered teenager said: “We don’t feel safe anymore and we will protest, we won’t be quiet. As mothers, if we could we would have destroyed them with our own hands. We don’t want the Israelis to come in our neighbourhoods.”

Locals say there were more than 25 security cameras in the street where Mohammed was taken. They accuse the Israeli authorities of taking the footage not to find the perpetrators but to cover up for them.

Yassin Abu Khadair, a cousin of the father of the murdered boy said: “The Israeli security services seem have a lax attitude about arresting the culprits, despite the fact they know their identity and the car that they used for the kidnapping.”

Israeli police say they are continuing with their investigation to find those responsible.

Meanwhile, a new tramway linking the centre of Jerusalem with Israeli settlements in East Jerusalem has been attacked and damaged.The settlements are deemed illegal under international law.

Euronews correspondent in Jerusalem, Luis Carballo, says the tramway line connects the city center of Jerusalem with the settlements in the North, passing through several Arab districts. The municipality of Jerusalem presented it as a unifying project but the riots during the last three days show that this unity only exists on paper.