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Israelis mourn as teens' bodies found

Israelis mourn as teens' bodies found
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Israelis are mourning the deaths of three teenagers, believed to have been abducted, whose bodies were found in a field in the West Bank.

Israel has blamed Hamas for taking the three young men.

The Islamist group has neither confirmed nor denied Israel’s allegations.

The students disappeared as they hitchhiked on June 12.

In Jerusalem, many people are outraged over the deaths and want revenge.

Yaron Wolf, a Jerusalem resident, said: We have to be very strong against all sorts of terrorists who put all they can against peace and do what they do. They have to get a big punch so that they will know not to do such a thing anymore.”

In Gush Etzion, the West Bank settlement bloc, where the three boys attended a religious school, Nadia Matar explained: “The Zionist response always has been, and has been also tonight, building a new community to settle the land and to call for the Israeli sovereignty over Judea and Samaria.”

In Gaza City, where Israel bombed dozens of sites earlier on Tuesday, one man suggested things might have ended differently for the three boys.

“I’m not in favour of killing,” he said. “They’re supposed to keep them and exchange them for other prisoners, like they did with Gilad Shalit before,” he added, referring to a captured Israeli soldier who was held in Gaza Strip for more than five years.

Shalit was released as part of a prisoner-exchange deal that saw the release of more than 1,000 Palestinian inmates.

The UN has urged Israelis and Palestinians to refrain from punishing people for offences they have not personally committed or imposing collective penalties.