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Just touch: playing with the music of everyday objects

Just touch: playing with the music of everyday objects
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A new smartphone app called Mogees turns the vibrations made by people touching everyday objects into sound. The idea is that people can then turn these sounds into music.

Mogees inventor Bruno Zamborlin explained: “The idea is to translate any vibrations that we make when we touch an object into music on the fly. It’s composed by the combination of a vibration sensor with a small transducer inside that converts all the vibrations we make into an electric signal, that is then sent to the iPhone application that analyses the vibrations and converts them into music.”

Zamborlin first came up with the idea while he was doing his PhD. He raised the money to develop the project via crowd-funding website Kickstarter.

“I wanted to perform with electronic music but also not being too hidden behind a laptop and mixers and controllers,” he said. “I wanted electronic music to be life.”